4 kinds of sex liked by girls

If sex were limited to purely physiological pleasure, it would be no more talked about than foot massage. But sex is unique and versatile entertainment. 

Here is the joy of conquest, and risk, and communication, and altruism, and knowledge of the world, and passion. However, it is impossible to receive all these joys at the same time. 

  • Different types of sex are conducive to different types of pleasure. 
  • Before you give free rein to the reproductive instinct, determine what kind of sex shines for you. 
  • Experts counted only seven such species. 
  • Collect them all and learn to enjoy each one.

Sneaky sex

If one of you has run out of strength or your period has begun, this is not a reason to deprive your remaining partner of all the joys in life. “Periodic mismatch of sexual phases happens in all couples,” says Melinda Gallagher, founder of the American center for sexual counseling CAKE, “there is nothing wrong with that.” Coercion into sex in this situation causes protest, refusal – offense. You can, of course, stand up with your chest to protect your mood, but it will be much better for both of you to find a compromise.

Man (unlike, say, cats and rabbits) is very intelligent. He has hands and a mature anal fucking videos, with which you can do many useful things. For example, to satisfy yourself on your own in the presence and with the active help of the passive side. The main thing is to distract from the idea that bed games that do not end with actual sexual intercourse are a pointless waste of time. 

Replacing tedious genital sex with its man-made, or even (what the devil is not joking) oral variety gives the desired result and subsequently doubles the joy of full contact when the phases coincide. Even a simple contemplation of a partner is already almost sex, moreover, with an admixture of voyeurism. “Most women are initially embarrassed to masturbate in front of a man,” Gallagher says, “but it’s a very liberating experience.”

Sleepy sex

Maybe you woke up in the middle of the night to make sure that the back of your girlfriend snuggled up and snuggled exactly where it needed to be. Or maybe you fell asleep on a Sunday afternoon in an embrace on the couch, and through a dream you thought that you really want sex, and she is wearing such a thin T-shirt … Shh-ss … no need to wake her up. This is inhuman. Better to act gently and stealthily. Lick your finger properly to ensure there is enough lubrication – it may not be enough right now. Now, gently, in a circular motion, slide your finger around the entrance to the vagina – only without strong pressure. Wait for the contented rumbling. And proceed slowly.

Even if a girl is too tired to show passion, she will never mind sleepy sex. The main thing is not to demand effort from her. “The best position for this case is on your side, facing your partner’s back,” writes Paul Joanidis, author of The Sex Guide body “.

Wild sex

The fact that your girlfriend suffers from a lack of romance does not mean that she never wants to be slightly raped. (The key word is “a little – a little”!) How to determine that right now she needs the approach of Mickey Rourke, and not Enrique Iglesias? Pay attention to her dress and behavior. Melinda Gallagher writes: “A woman, if she has a desire to brighten up the evening with a small portion of debauchery, can demonstrate this with the help of provocative, provocative clothes: short skirts, transparent T-shirts. from a cigarette in the face and teasing you. A common sign is the famous “vamp woman” grimace: extended forward, slightly curved lips, narrowed eyes, chin raised defiantly. She may also drink more than usual – or at least, portray it. “

If you welcome such an initiative, behave accordingly. Recommended tricks are playfully sticking a hand between her knees under the table, grabbing soft spots. When you are alone, do something unusual – blindfold her, put your hand under her clothes, suddenly kiss, for example, on the stomach. Thus, you will let her know that today everything will be super passionate and super wild.

Quick sex

“Women generally love surprises, including sexy ones,” says Melinda Gallagher. “Most of them will love it if you try to have sex with them in some unexpected place – in the bathroom at a party, elevator or office.” let’s make a reservation that we are talking about familiar women).

Unusual and even dangerous surroundings will give your sensations the acuity that they may lack. But the danger should not be too real – you should not incline her to the joys of sex if, for example, she is driving on a highway or walking with you along the embankment in some fundamentalist Muslim country. The best places for such entertainment … Actually, it can be any place other than your bedroom.

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