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A traditional sou-sou is an informal savings club widely known in West Africa and the Caribbean that dates back many generations. In its purest original form, a sou-sou was a savings arrangement between a trusted group of family and friends. Instead, susus offer an alternative traditional way to handle finances outside of the control and policing of banks. Members in a susu system are able to build wealth, rotate savings among each other. Women and men who use these systems take the time to save, make personal sacrifices to help one another. A Susu (AKA Sou-Sou or su-su) is a community-style savings practice. A group of people help each other achieve their savings goals by pooling their money together. A popular savings practice in African, Caribbean and even some Asian cultures, a Susu encourages friends and family to build wealth together. Susu embodies “Beauty in Small Things” with its simple, elegant architecture and sensitive materials and finishes. Pressed PET shells embrace and support the. Nude patreon susu lingerie gallery leaked from patreon. There is more than on reddit from sexy patreon girl swimsuitsuccubus is flashing her boobs on girl album and exposed videos from patreon leaks from from April 2024 for adults on Thot sssuccubus gonewild. Susu_jpg patreon naked photography. Do you know what is real name of prettisusu?. She is definetly older than 18, but do you know what is susu age?

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