How do women get what they want?

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How do women get what they want? Main role, good job, you and your big cock? There are a couple of techniques that always work flawlessly. She knows that casting couch is the most reliable option. Method one: the more cleavage, the less you need to paint. Dirty bitches know what’s distracting us. They know that big Tits are their main weapon, so they skillfully manipulate their cleavage. The second technique: a short skirt with stockings. I’m sure this technique works perfectly for you, too. Where else to look, if not at the lace stockings that playfully peek out from under the skirt. Tethys ‘ technique: a look that promises everything and more. A woman who wants something from you is always armed with a murderous look, whether it’s a new handbag or a workplace.

Now you know the main advantages of these dirty bitches. But even if you know them, you still fall for their tricks all at once. A second and you are already without pants, and your cock is sucking a beauty in stockings. But I’ll tell you how to get what you want and outsmart this calculating slut. Use the fake casting technique. You can fuck her any way you want, but you don’t owe her anything. You can stick it anally, you can make it swallow your sperm, she’s a witch all ready, for her own sake.But you outwitted her! She was just fucked, but she won’t realize it soon.

Yes, this is what you do with dirty girls who earn their place with their pussy. Now that you are fully armed, my advice to you is to go hunting! Do not spare and do not spare the cunning bitches, show them who is the main one here, who is the daddy and the Lord of pussies. Be smarter, be more attentive, be smarter and then hundreds of beautiful and hot pussies will pass through your personal casting.

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