Best Attractive Russian Women in 2018

A woman’s beauty is multifaceted, and everyone might have their own idea of what woman can be called beautiful. Many articles, reviews and discussions are devoted to the issues of a woman’s beauty, “How to preserve a beautiful appearance, to highlight and make it even more attractive?” People apply the rule of a golden ratio to determine the true woman’s beauty because it helps find the ideal ratio of facial features. This method is often used to determine the list of “The most beautiful women of our time.” Nonetheless, if you think about Russian brides dating, it will be difficult to determine the short list of the most beautiful girls because each of them deserves to be on that list.

1. Maria Gorban.

Maria Gorban is a hereditary actress who has already made a great career in theater and cinema. The actress often experiments with her weight and the body, she has several tattoos. She has appeared on the pages of the MAXIM and XXL magazines, being very attractive and posh woman.

2. Liza Boyarskaya.

This charming actress has been developing quite a successful theatrical career. She managed to step out of the shadow of her famous father. Her big eyes, slightly turned-up nose, and a joyful, sometimes, embarrassed smile help her look like both a pretty neighbor and an inaccessible goddess of glossy magazines.

3. Ekaterina Smirnova.

Ekaterina is a model who has signed a contract with the Paris-based modeling agency NEXT. She most resembles not a modern Russian model, but a supermodel of the 1990s, or a beauty from Hollywood in the 1950s.

4. Svetlana Khodchenkova.

She became famous in Russia thanks to the leading role in the movie “Bless the Woman.” Since then, Svetlana has played a variety of roles in the theater, movies and TV series. Charming face and blonde hair make Khodchenkova a symbol of Russian beauty.

5. Nastya Ivleeva.

Nastya Ivleeva is an Instagram star, blogger, host of the TV program ” Oryol i Reshka. Reload.” Her Instagram account has quickly gained popularity, and the number of her subscribers has grown to 7.2 million people. Nastya appeared on the pages of MAXIM magazine because she is a very hot girl.

6. Anna Chipovskaya.

After having done a nude scene, she immediately became one of the Russian sex symbols. Nowadays, Anna is involved both in the films and in the series. In addition, she plays in the performances and is called “Russian Angelina Jolie.”

7. Kristina Asmus.

Kristina became famous in 2010 after the release of the series “Interns.” Since then, Kristina is constantly present on all kinds of lists of the main beauties of Russia. Her image is a naïve miniature blonde, who is always amazed. However, there is a strong character behind the angelic appearance.

8. Polina Gagarina.

Polina’s career had many ups and downs. In the end, she lost 40 kilograms and changed her image, turning into a slender posh woman. Polina took the second place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015.

9. Oksana Akinshina.

Nature endowed Oksana with an angelic appearance and a bright actor’s talent. She has an image of a beautiful rowdy who can be met quite seldom in the Russian boring and puritan show business. This image is backed up both by a cheeky look and a stormy youth.

10. Irina Shayk.

Irina is one of the most famous and attractive Russian models. She was and is the face of many well-known brands. This amazing woman is on the list of the sexiest models of the world.

11. Ravshana Kurkova.

Ravshana looks much younger and resembles an Eastern princess, having a penetrating look and a shock of luxurious hair. She always dreamed of becoming an actress and did her best to implement her wishes. Ravshana is the face of Calzedonia.

12. Sasha Luss.

Sasha is famous not only for the ideal model data but also for charisma. If you look at the covers of journals and advertising campaigns of leading brands, you will see that Sasha is always different. She has an elf beauty, which attracts many people.

13. Diana Vishneva.

Vishneva is considered one of the greatest universal dancers and is often compared with the violin of Stradivarius. The world-famous Forbes magazine has included this wonderful ballerina in the list of “50 Russians who conquered the world.”

14. Karolina Sevastyanova.

Karolina is one of the most beautiful gymnasts of the Russian national team. She is an Olympic champion in 2012 in rhythmic gymnastics. In addition to rhythmic gymnastics, she is engaged in the modeling business.

15. Nastasya Samburskaya.

Nastasya Samburskaya is a Russian actress of theater and cinema, as well as a singer, model, TV host and Instagram star. The actress promotes a healthy lifestyle and does not hesitate to demonstrate her achievements on the glossy covers, including Maxim and Playboy magazines.

16. Natalya Vodyanova.

She is a supermodel and superwoman, who combines a dizzying career with the upbringing of five children and the development of the charitable foundation “Naked hearts.” In 2017, Natalya discovered a new direction of activism, she became the face of the environmental collection of the brand H&M.

17. Sofia Nikitchuk.

She is Miss Russia 2015, who triumphantly performed at the Miss World contest, taking the title of “First Vice-Miss.” Sofia continues to lead an active public life, participating in various TV shows and charity projects.

18. Natalya Rudova.

This charismatic actress has a fragile appearance and an excellent sense of humor. It is worth noting that she has a beautiful and attractive body by nature, but she still visits a gym.

19. Natasha Poly.

She is a tall blonde with sharp cheekbones and a captivating gaze, she has conquered the runways of Paris and New York. Poly took part in a series of fashion shows of “Victoria’s Secret.” Currently, she is among the most popular Russian models in the world.

20. Lukerya Ilyashenko.

She is a talented ballerina, theater actress, and singer. After the release of the series “Sweet Life,” she immediately entered the top 10 of the sexiest Russian actresses, according to the men’s editions.

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